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Advanced Masonry Restoration, Inc.
Established in 1998

2956 Yorkton Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55117
United States of America
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P: 651-766-8080
F: 651-766-8016

Advanced Masonry Restoration, Inc provides quality historical restoration work for all masonry exteriors. The quality of work is not only our goal but our promise to our customer. Our management and craftsman are committed to working as a team to complete our projects on time and in budget to restore our projects to their original condition.

Proud member of the Mason Contractors Association of America since 2017.

Areas of Work Done by Advanced Masonry Restoration, Inc.

• Commercial
• Educational (K-12)
• Educational (University)
• Government
• Industrial
• Institutional
• Residential
• Restoration

Type of Work Done by Advanced Masonry Restoration, Inc.

• Air Barriers
• Caulking
• Cleaning Masonry
• Flashing
• Historic Restoration
• Minor Restoration
• Stone (Exterior)
• Stone (Interior)
• Tuck Pointing
• Waterproofing

Where Advanced Masonry Restoration, Inc. Works

• Iowa
• Minnesota
• North Dakota
• South Dakota
• Wisconsin

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