Ramona Apartments

Portland, OR

Ramona Apartments
Ramona Apartments
Ramona Apartments
Ramona Apartments

Mason Contractor: B & B Tile & Masonry
Architect: Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects
General Contractor: Walsh Construction Co.
Suppliers: Mutual Materials Company
Owner: Turtle Island Development

Project Description

The Ramona Apartments in an income restricted affordable housing project on NW 13th in Portland’s Pearl District. The area surrounding NW 13th Ave. has a rich history of brick light industrial building dating back almost 100 years. We felt it was important to continue this historical tradition with a beautiful brick building anchoring NW 13th’s north end. We believed it was important to design a building that felt strong, safe, and permanent for its residents. Nothing does this better than masonry – a material that is as beautiful as it is durable. The Ramona Apartments fit into the neighborhood context but also stand out as a lasting example of dignified urban living that residents can take pride in.

Date of Project Completion: April 2011


2011 MIOCTIO Hammurabi Merit Award

Photography by Kip Richardson