Wall Systems

Barrier Wall: Stone Veneer/Reinforced Concrete Block

This solid masonry wall features a structural concrete block backup system with a classic, natural stone façade.

Cavity  Wall: Stone Veneer/Reinforced Concrete Block
Truss attachment to bulb 'T', coping and bond beam Flashing at base of wall

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Special Considerations

Definition and Assumptions

Backup: Lightweight plain gray concrete block (CMU), 8" x 8" x 16"

Reinforcement: #6 vertical reinforcement at 32" on center. 9-gauge joint reinforcement at 16" o.c. (every other course)

Veneer: Rock-faced (split) sandstone, random ashlar pattern. Stone thickness varies from 3" to 4"

Cavity: collar joint, grouted full. Nominal thickness ¾". Bituminous coating on face of backup

Flashing: base flashing

Veneer ties: 9-gauge wire hoops adjustable sliding tie system

Mortar: Type N, Portland cement/lime, plain gray

Joints: concave tooled

Regional Variations

Fire Rating (hours)

Ungrouted Assembly: 4 hrs

Fully grouted Assembly: 4 hrs

Sound Transmission Class (dB)

Ungrouted: 55.5

Grouted 32": 57.2

Fully grouted: 61.9

STC=(weight of wall)0.223x21.5

Wall Weight (lb/sq. ft.)

Ungrouted: 71 lb/sq. ft

Grouted 32": 82 lb/sq. ft

Fully grouted: 115 lb/sq. ft

Energy Rating

R-value: 2.92 (see note below)


Outside Air =0.17
Stone 4 inch =0.62
8 inch CMU 105 pcf, grouted at 32" o.c =1.45
Interior Air =0.68
Total =2.92

Note: Install rigid insulation and gyp board on the inside face of the wall for greater R-value.

Green/LEED Rating

Design Tips

Construction Tips