Wall Systems

Cavity Wall: Brick Veneer/Steel Stud

This versatile wall system features a long-lasting, low-maintenance brick façade with a steel structure.

Cavity  Wall: Brick Veneer/Steel Stud
Coping and steel stud parapet Relieving angle and flashing at opening Flashing at base of wall

Recommended Building Types


Special Considerations

Definition and Assumptions

Backup: 16 gauge x 6" deep steel studs @ 16" on center

Insulation: Fiber batt between studs

Sheathing: 5/8" exterior grade gypsum board, screwed into studs

Weather resistive barrier: 15 lb. building paper

Veneer: Cored modular clay brick 2-1/3" x 4" x 8" (nom.)

Cavity: 2 inch air space

Flashing: Base flashing and weeps

Veneer ties: Adjustable 2-piece ties screwed into studs. Spacing: 16" vertical x 16" horizontal

Shelf angle: To support brick at the floor line if building is taller than 30 feet

Mortar: Type N, Portland cement/lime, plain gray

Joints: concave tooled

Regional Variations

Fire Rating (hours)

2 hours: (includes 3 layers of gypsum board as part of wall system)

Sound Transmission Class (dB)

STC 56

Wall Weight (lb/sq. ft.)

47 lb/sq. ft.

Energy Rating

R-value: 22.2


Outside Air =0.17
Brick =0.44
Air Gap =0.97
Gyp board =0.45
Gyp board =0.45
6 inch batt insulation =19.00
Interior Air =0.68
Total =22.16

Green/LEED Rating

Design Tips

Construction Tips