Wall Systems

Cavity Wall: Concrete Block Veneer/Steel Stud

This versatile wall system features a durable, low-maintenance masonry façade with a steel structure.

Cavity Wall:  Concrete Block Veneer/Steel Stud
Coping and steel stud parapet Relieving angle and flashing at opening Wall ties attached to sheathing and steel studs Flashing at base of wall

Recommended Building Types


Special Considerations

Definition and Assumptions

Backup: 16 gauge x 6" deep steel studs @ 16" on center. Fiber batt insulation between studs.

: 5/8" exterior grade gypsum board, screwed into studs. Weather resistive barrier over sheathing.

Veneer: 4" concrete block (CMU) veneer, plain gray smooth face

Cavity: 2 inch air space

Flashing: Base flashing and weeps

Veneer ties: Adjustable veneer ties screwed into studs

Spacing: 16" vertical x 16" horizontal

Veneer reinforcement: 9-gauge ladder joint reinforcement at 16" o.c.

Shelf angle: At floor lines, for veneer heights greater than 30 feet

Mortar: Type N, Portland cement/lime, plain gray

Joints: Concave tooled

Regional Variations

Fire Rating (hours)

1 hour

Sound Transmission Class (dB)

STC 56

Wall Weight (lb/sq. ft.)

30 lb/sq. ft.

Energy Rating

R-value: 22.9 with 6” fiber batt insulation


Outside Air =0.17
4 inch CMU =1.19
Air Gap =0.97
Gyp board =0.45
Gyp board =0.45
6 inch batt insulation =19.00
Interior Air =0.68
Total =22.91

Green/LEED Rating

Design Tips

Construction Tips